Commercial photography takes on many roles. All geared around what the end-user wants to convey to his/her audience. Well ... that is photography in a nutshell anyway. But a commercial enterprise may have specific desires ... as simple as a representation of what they sell/offer, or a pleasing depiction of their location. This is Holy Sepulchre Chapel at the Catholic Cemetery in Hayward, CA. They looked for a photograph that would show the grandeur of the chapel on the grounds.

Here, the architecture is typical of an English chapel. Also on the grounds of a cemetery. St. Faith Cemetery, Norwich, Norfolk, England.

Even providing customers with an example of your work can be beneficial to a business. This shows an arborist trimming branches before cutting a tree down ... minimizing damage to the adjacent structure as well as managing the felling footprint of the tree.

Even a farrier (horse shoer) may need to show parts of what he does for his customers.

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